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The Creeping Charlie of Legalism

Posted onApril 3, 2012 | by: Allen Snapp | 0 comments

I am fighting a battle right now with an enemy that is relentless, merciless, and only multiplies when you try to mow it down. You guessed it, I am battling with the weed called "creeping charlie"! It began behind my shed and is now taking over not only my lawn, but two of my neighbors lawns as well. I bought some weed killer specially formulated to kill creeping charlie but from what I've read the stuff is really hard to get rid of. One person joyfully recounted how they finally took a blow torch to it and watched each leaf wither and burn with a kind of cruel pleasure. Creeping charlie reminds me of a spiritual weed that can run amok in the Christian's life and in the church if we're not careful. It's the "creeping charlie of legalism" - the noxious weed of trying to earn God's approval through our own efforts....Keep Reading

Saint Patrick's Day: A Christian Response

Posted onMarch 16, 2012 | 4 comments

Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow and that means shamrocks, green beer, parades and leprechauns all in celebration of...wait...what? Is it the celebration of the little short guy with the red beard and funny hat, the Irish heritage or just the color green? I'm not sure-any excuse for a party, right? Well, like most holidays today, the meaning and significance of St. Patrick's Day has been lost to commercialism and pleasure seeking. But there is an appropriate Christian response to this "holiday". Let's start with some history....Keep Reading

A Good Reminder

Posted onMarch 16, 2012 | 0 comments

Below is a post that Mary left on the GCC Facebook page. I was encouraged and provoked by it and thought we would all benefit from a reminder of the "why" behind what we do. Thanks for posting Mary. The following is written by Tam Hodge, the wife of Pastor Brent Hodge (Cross Point Hendersonville near Charlotte, NC) and I thought it would encourage GCC servants of the Lord!...Keep Reading

Fear of Failure

Posted onFebruary 9, 2012 | 0 comments

Nobody likes to fail...but we all do. As human beings who are weak and finite, we often find ourselves on the other side of decisions, goals and ambitions picking up the pieces; thinking about what went wrong; what we did wrong; what "they" did to wrong us; what could have been if... Our experience with failure starts early in life and our learned responses to failure often shape how we deal with it in the future. Likewise, our responses to failure reflect our understanding of how God works in us through our successes AND failures so that he can work through us to accomplish His will for our lives and bring Him glory....Keep Reading

It's A Wonderful Life

Posted onNovember 30, 2011 | 5 comments

It's A Wonderful Life is one of our family's favorite Christmas movies. It may be one of yours as well. We watched it again last night for the first time...this year...and I realized something. This movie is so loved, so easy to watch over and over not because we love the characters or the happy ending; though we do love both. What makes this movie so enduring is what the characters go through to get to the happy ending. It's full of disappointment, trial, tragedy, hatred, waiting and more waiting and more disappointment. And then in the most frustrating scene of the movie, the villain, Mr. Potter, takes advantage of an $8,000 mistake that threatens to shut down the Bailey Savings and Loan and land George Bailey in jail surrounded by scandal....Keep Reading


Posted onAugust 17, 2010 | 2 comments

What comes to mind when you hear the word "AMBITION"? This may not describe you, but in many Christian circles the word ambition conjures up negative feelings. More often than not, it's used to describe things that we desire but shouldn't be pursuing and is frequently preceded by the word selfish. Granted, James rightly instructs us as to the destructive nature of selfish ambition within the church......Keep Reading

The Faithfulness of God

Posted onMay 6, 2010 | 2 comments

This past Sunday we looked at Genesis 12:10-20; the story of Abram and Sarai going down to Egypt. After leaving his home country in faith, believing in the promises of God and the God of the promises, Abram encounters famine and fear. Trials lead to self-reliance which give way to failure as faith turns to faithlessness. But God reveals Himself as faithful, rescuing Abram and Sarai and preserving His promise of blessing for all people....Keep Reading

Dug Down Deep

Posted onFebruary 1, 2010 | 0 comments

Dug Down Deep has eleven chapters--eight of which are reflections on key Christian beliefs including the Doctrine of God, Scripture, the Person and Work of Christ, the Atonement and the Holy Spirit. Personal and narrative-driven, Dug Down Deep shares the questions, misconceptions and hang-ups Harris had what it's meant to allow Scripture's truth to reshape his thinking....Keep Reading

How do you remember...?

Posted onDecember 10, 2009 | 1 comments

Sunday, Allen told us that just as God remembered Noah (Gen. 8:1) He also remembers us. He remembered us at the cross, He will remember us in the future and God remembers us now. But is this the paradigm in which we view our lives? Do we believe that God has always known us, has always been with us, and has always “remembered” us? And if not, how does that affect the way we think about Gods commitment to us in the future?...Keep Reading

Life is Wasted by Driblets

Posted onNovember 25, 2009 | by: Allen Snapp | 0 comments

Recently I've been reading from one of my favorite morning devotionals, Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon and the devotional from November 24 was challenging to me and I thought I'd pass it on. It follows up well with Matt's last post too....Keep Reading