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The Creeping Charlie of Legalism

Posted onApril 3, 2012 | by: Allen Snapp | 0 comments

I am fighting a battle right now with an enemy that is relentless, merciless, and only multiplies when you try to mow it down. You guessed it, I am battling with the weed called "creeping charlie"! It began behind my shed and is now taking over not only my lawn, but two of my neighbors lawns as well. I bought some weed killer specially formulated to kill creeping charlie but from what I've read the stuff is really hard to get rid of. One person joyfully recounted how they finally took a blow torch to it and watched each leaf wither and burn with a kind of cruel pleasure. Creeping charlie reminds me of a spiritual weed that can run amok in the Christian's life and in the church if we're not careful. It's the "creeping charlie of legalism" - the noxious weed of trying to earn God's approval through our own efforts....Keep Reading