Our Logo


The initial version of our logo was created in conjunction with our 5th Year Anniversary Celebration when we officially announced our name as Grace Community Church. Now in our 10th year as a church family we present this final version of our logo in conjunction with our new building. We hope the following thoughts help to convey the meaning behind our logo and what it represents.

As mentioned elsewhere on our website, our name defines us as:

  • People who are experiencing God's GRACE.
  • People who build relationships in COMMUNITY.
  • People whom Jesus died for, His CHURCH.

There are two visual themes at work within our logo that convey this meaning in our name. First you may see an upside-down power symbol and second you may see a "C" wrapped around the cross. We like to call this: Cross-Centered Community Powered by Grace.

Cross-Centered Community

With "community" as our middle name, one of our primary values are our genuine relationships. We seek to grow in these relationships regularly in our Community Groups. Since the death of Jesus on the cross defines our relationship with God, we also want it to be the central focus of our life together. This is why we have a cross in the center of our logo and behind the stage in our building.

Powered by Grace

God's amazing grace is what powers our passion and fuels our fellowship. In the same way that our logo is an upside-down power symbol, when God turns our "power" upside-down He gives us new life through the resurrection of Jesus. This abundant life comes to us by grace as God's free gift of love. If you would like to hear more about this "good news" feel free to visit us on Sunday.